No-one wants to sell us a car….

Well still no joy on the car front, no-one is responding to our emails. Mr B back at work Tuesday and the Little B’s start school Thursday, so here comes reality… Strike One!!!
Sun shining today, but decidedly peaky, you will all be glad to hear.
It is our sixth wedding anniversary today, rather smugly I had the gift arranged before leaving the U.K., as it is the rather exciting “Iron” anniversary where better than sourcing a bit of Black Country Cast Iron… A little selfishly, but encouraging Mr B’s love of fire, he got a toasting fork and chestnut roaster to use on the open fires we will be needing here over the winter.
The B’s are in the kitchen inventing a Tangine/Tagine whilst I bog away. This afternoon we will mostly be getting Miss T to perfect her stabiliser less bike riding…Luckily the swimming trunks have not arrived yet!!!
Hopefully the camera will be arriving early next week and I will be able to post some pics of the pad  now we have unpacked most of the boxes.. Mr B had a tip run yesterday!!!!
Missing the ease of being in the U.K. and our life here begins in earnest next week. Wish us luck and be assured that we will be thinking of you on our walk to school at 7.35am!!!!!

There would have been no blood if the other guy had bagged my fish!

I am all for a little bit of counter candy but age offers experience and the catologue guy in white wellies with a quiff did not bag the the salmon “Entire” with as much finesse as the goofy guy from Monday. He was a super peche packer!! Helpful, smiley and not showing off to gorgeous jeans girl who squirmed at the sight of the odd scale!
Anyways, buying a car en France is tres difficile.. We don’t talk about that at the moment. Kir Royal is far preferable.
We had a fab day at Nigloland… I have to say(and sorry Mr & Mrs W) Nigloland for our two wimpy little B’s was fab. Even I managed the big wheel when the view from above was Champagne vines and sunflowers.
Mr B has searched hi and low for acceptable versions of speedos and had to revert to a U.K. site! Small, see through and mainly white appears to be de rigeur ici!!
We went to the local Butcher and the Tabac today. Bologne is a hub af activity now the holidays seem to be over.
I have to say we are sat outside at ten past ten it is 25 degrees, I am probably being bitten to pieces, but hey let the bugs enjoy a bit of kir. So much to be said and so many people to miss, I could carry on for ages. Thank you all for giving me something to aim for. Kisses. Bissous.(Mrs W is this correct?)

Double Decimetre Rulers and pointing to the sky!!

Yesterday was fab, don’t get me wrong… 32degrees, sunny, Mr B home, all is well with the world. However we kind of spoilt it by going to the supermarket and starting on the rentree list.. OMG, it was a full on scrabble of French Madames down the narrowest aisle. Everyone after the pochet of 180g coloured paper(sold out even at 4euro for 12 sheets) and the double decimetre ruler, non flex(also sold out!). There were enough types of cahier for me to just flat spin and fill the basket. Then there is the bag on wheels, you normally see travelling businessmen/women wheeling these through the airports, maybe not sporting Hello Kitty, but still Miss T is 6 years old and the bag is too heavy to carry.

Anyway, for the reason we ventured to the supermarche in the first place… The Sky!!!! Lets just say after lots of ladder climbing in extremely hot weather, handing extension cables and drills out of bedroom windows, lots of pointing huge metal dishes and squealing gadgets, we still do not have Sky.

We also made the mistake of discovering that the local outdoor pool is open daily, this is good I here you say, well for your whole summer in the sun french family who are used to wearing bikinis and speedos(yes, speedos only in France), lovely, for whiter than white, been unpacking boxes, post experiencing typical U.K. summer, NOT filling me with joy. If I am honest I cannot decide what is worse, me getting into a cossie or Matt getting into Speedos!!

Well, we won’t be swimming today as Matt doesn’t have the correct attire and he is not hiring them(another story), so garden and more pointing large metal objects at the sky. That will be after crepes with lemon/sugar and nutella for little Miss E.


Blip in Bologne…

…..Mr B has been away for a long time and even though my folks have been here it is hard. I don’t know everything about the area and I like to think I do, at the very least(starting to realise I am a little bit more of a control freak that I thought), I have no car so have been forced into the role of back seat driver(which I do not think comes naturally, but Mr B may disagree) and am not feeling that confident with the old lingo and am sorry to say I have been sending Grampy to the local shops when I should have been biting the proverbial bullet and stop being such a donkey! I also have a thing about teabags in the sink.. 🙂 xxx
The girls are loving the house and the space, but really missing contact with other children.. I am struggling to see how I can remedy this at the moment, but they start school on 2nd September.
We had a fab day in Troyes and also had a morning in Chaumont buying Miss T’s dry wipe boards and set squares(here they provide nothing and she has to take paper, a box of tissues, glue etc, etc etc..also have a bloody great bag on wheels to bring it all home!) we have another 20 odd items to get, but are getting there.
Anyway, Mr B is back tomorrow, we are set to skype the Misses M’s , but the folks are heading home for some cuddles with Skype baby Seb and Miss FG.
Hopefully we have 3 hours of French booked in next week aswell as a trip to Nigloland and a visit from the twins. What was on my wish list??? A trip to the garden centre!!! How things have changed.
A bientot
Madame B

Stir Crazy with no Schweppes!!!

Well there has been no let up at all in the rain, not a minute or second!!! Panic nearly set in earlier this evening(4.18 to be precise, French time) when the folks realised there was no tonic water in the house to allow them do put a dent in the two litres of Absolut bought on the ferry!!!
For all of my worry about depleating pantry stocks and my cupboards back in sunny Broseley, they look the same over here and allowed me to make a yummy well travelled(bought in France- over to U.K. packed neatly up and brought back!!) parma and local goats cheese risotto.
First Poubelle day tomorrow nad they will be very aware of the new residents of rue de l’Eglise!! Oh, Dad and I found the 6kgs of empty mussel shells in the garage, (thanks MrB!!!!) and I think Dad was grateful that the vodka had satyed in the fridge..
Tomorrow we are going to venture out to Troyes, weather and all.. The little Bs need some snooze time in the car and I need to escape the confines of the dreaded Pickfords cardboard village.
I have just had a lovely chat with skybe baby Seb who has changed so much in the 10 day since I saw him.. also the fabulous FG, who is just as gorg as ever.
Wii Triv is calling I think and an early night tucking into one of the donated books from all of my lovely friends…. P.S.  have more Lychee liquor courtesy of Uncle Daisy, needs to be Lychini’d lovely ladies.

It is Pluie ing it down!!!

Familie B had a fab experience at the market in Chaumont yesterday. I gave each of the little B’s 5 euro to search the market for something local or that they had not seen before… Miss T came back with a huge bunch of Van Gough Sunflowers and had been given another one by the little boy behind the counter. Miss E bought 3 pink petit fours and was given a huge almond meringue, then she went for a large pot of local honey. Everyone was lovely.. Mr B went slightly over the top and came away with a huge rib of beef and some Pate!! Not 5 euros surprisingly.

Last night having sat out to eat the v. large rib of beef(BBQ’d), yellow beans(haricot beurre) and yummy new pots , we were happily watching the bats out fly catching when the lightening started, the huge drops of rain began to fall and that is how it has carried on since. The front door of the guest wing (get me!!!) is leaking a lot. Luckily we have enough cardboard to create a small village par le viaduct in Chaumont. However the rainy day has spurred me on to unpack more boxes. Not too far off now.

Mr B is currently stuck on the M25 travelling to Lemington Spa and I am sat doing this hoping for some sunshine in the next few days. Mampy and Grampy are boxed out and the girls have lists of demands as long as their arms. I am going to start composing my list now I think.


Champagne & Pitanque perfect partners!!!???

??!! Not so sure…

Anyway, today we have been shopping or “le shopping”, Mampy and Grampy have arived and the postie won’t be grumpy tomorrow as we now have a 45 euro post box which allows him to stay on his bike with gauloise dans la bouche, no more grunting “bon journee” for me.

The family are full of nibbles,champagne and playing Boules in the garden. I am waiting for a skype from the newly added to Family Cantillion who I wish could be here too. Hello baby Seb. \A skype baby from only a week old. 

Tomorrow is the first trip to the market in Chaumont!!! Oh and of course a petrol lawn mower from the man across the rue!! Essentials we feel!!

Next week I am am Mr B less, have no car, no French lessons and am taking big deep breaths.. wish me luck.