Extreme weather situations

.. We have gone from frosty mornings and sun burnt afternoons to gallons of Noah like raindrops in the space of 48 hours.. How very odd!!!!
Amazing electrical storm last night reminded Mr B and I of holidays in France when we were petites enfants terrible. It is weird what brings back memories, in this case, the smell of big fat raindrops hitting the warm ground. Unfortunately, this morning everything smells damp and there are no happily steaming roads. Oh except for where the poor work experience guy is using a monster bit of machinery to flatten the road after weeks of digging!!

Well, party plans are afoot for Miss T’s birthday bash, little treasure boxes to decorate are bought, Hello Kitty plates and napkins, check. Jelly at the ready. Sent the list into school to check I have all of the spelling correct before embarrassing myself in writing. However, where is Queenies when you need them!! I have decided to send in individual cupcakes to school on her birthday. So decoration ideas please!!

All of this tap tapping has rendered the batteries in the keyboard close to useless, so to save loosing this I will sign off..

A Bientot mes petites bonbons…

Madame B

Nous avons un hérisson…

Mr B & I were sat in front of the lovely fire last night and we heard a scratching noise….it must be the monster that lives in our house (according to the children at MissT’s school!). No it was a tiny hedgehog, creating the massive racket. it comes right onto the veranda and must be eating the slugs in the strawberry planter.. Anyway, that aside, I might be putting some food out and going a bit Autumn Watch on everyone.

There is currently a young man in one of the cellars………………..trying to sort out the central heating, my worry about it running efficiently is that it is going to cost a fortune. Yesterday morning we had a frost and the day started at 2 degrees, but mid afternoon it was 23 degrees. I can do Autumn like that..

I had my manicure “French” yesterday and it was OK, the lady who did it was really helpful correcting my French and the lady who owns the salon came in and asked if I was Mathildes Mum..She is not Tilly over here. If that wasn’t enough of a step, then get this… This morning I spoke with a friend of Miss T’s Mum and asked what time they normally do birthday parties over here. The I went to the post office and managed to special delivery eurotunnel vouchers!! Oh and I forgot to mention that the plumber understood me telling him we bled the radiators(sign language with a pssst noise included) and the pressure was now too low!!

Day off day tomorrow, Miss T has French for 2 hours in the morning and we may go and feed the canard or have a swim..


…..off to pastures new

…. as exciting as that may sound we are talking supermarkets here… In my, “sad, bored and has no friends” life(thanks Miss T), I am venturing out in Cleo to try out the competition for a bit of food shopping… I have to say here they have it right, it is not considered “le shopping” but “faire des courses”, a much less enjoyable past time. At least I can get the car out..

We went to Dijon at the weekend and it was a really beautiful city, lovely lunch and lots of sunshine. I can probably just about make it there and back in a day. Sunday was spent hanging more curtains and securing rugs to v.slippy wooden floors. Rope ladders up for the mini circus stars we seem to be in possession of.

The garden is looking very autumnal and we had a frost yesterday… eagerly awaiting 10m3 of wood to keep us toasty over the winter(having just corrected that to meters from cm, I think I wrote that in an email to a supplier, no wonder he hasn’t got back to me, probably thought bloody roast beuf with there efficient central heating, taking the micky!!Ooops.)

I have a treat this afternoon, if you can call a manicure in a room for 45 minutes trying to talk in French a treat… I figured if I was going to struggle I might as well get something out of it too. Also the lady who owns the salon has a daughter in Miss T’s class. Haircut will be later in the week dependent on how this afternoon pans out!!!

Goodbye for now..

Madame B

Empty House…..until October!!!

All visitors have gone now, for a few weeks anyway!! We have not had more that 4 nights without visitors since we arrived here and I am sure the neighbors think we are running chambre d’hotes.

Anyway, curtains have been made and put up this morning for Kitchen and Bathroom(net, can you believe it!!!), I just need to get my homework done now for this afternoons lesson. Just another 57 odd meters of curtaining left to do!

We went to Paris to collect our cars at le weekend and of all of the places to collect a brand new left hand drive car (not driven one for 7 years) Paris would not be my first choice. We went in convoy with Mr B in front and Mr M avec les enfants behind, and to the side, preventing a mass migration of Parisienne drivers into the new Etoile Bleu wing of my Clio. I made it, I didn’t hit any bollards and I did the 3 hour drive back to Bologne sans probleme!!! All going remarkably well except for leaving the lights on. Luckily my night in shining armour, spurred on by the thought of having to do a full weekly shop on the way home from work, came to the rescue!!!

The bribery and corruption going on in 4 rue de l’Eglise may rival that of the news worthy cricket teams of late… Miss E was asking for pennies the other evening so I said she could have some if she stayed in bed and went to sleep, amazing it happened, she has decided she would rather have “sleep sweets” though(p.s. we are not drugging her!!) so Miss T on hearing this also wanted in on the act but her pennies are for going into school minus the dramatics, also, amazingly she is 1 euro better off today than she was last week!! Little B’s!!

Looking forward to a quiet weekend….


Mrs Mop and the Franco File

I have literally been cleaning the floors for 4 hours!!! This pad is truly magnifique and we are v. lucky to be babysitting it for two years, but I am tres shattered..

My life is getting more exciting by the minute what with mopping and cleaning, washing and more washing, I have also created the Franco File this morning.. Horrendous amounts of paperwork, even giving the stint in Germany a run for its euro. Waiting to see if there is a Doctor within 5 kilomiles that will accept us, the satellite man to come and hook up cbeebies (not that I want it, but I am going to get myself addicted to some truly cheesy american series anyway) and trying to work out how to use “HSBC we can take you anywhere in the world as long as it is not outside the U.K., you don’t want to make payments or write a cheque like everyone else” bank account.

This evening it is the equivalent of Miss E’s school AGM, so using the traducteur, I have prepared my “I can’t speak much French, am willing to help with and please be patient with me speech”, if I chicken out I can at least hand it to Directeur Joel or Maitresse Mairie. At least Mr B is coming with me before popping out for the evening. Uncle Daisy is here today “hot desking” in our dining room, so he is providing the pizza and babysitting service.

Off to Paris to collect the family cars this weekend, thanks to Fairy Godfather Mr M.. A two Renault Family dontcha know. Relieved to be getting some wheels, even if not pretty and pacer like.

The little B’s seem to be settling in at school OK and Miss T has impressed everyone with her reading French and attempts at the cursive script. Miss E randomly slots French words into sentences, shocking us all.

A bientot

Mrs B

Heartstrings and diggers….

Miss T is still tugging at the old heartstrings and it is now that I think of when she started school two years ago and how I felt confident and she felt confident. She was prepared, we were prepared and ready.. This time we are not, but we are getting there. Today they are both staying all day 8.45 until 4.30. Three course lunch everyday, sports and music assistants planning the 1h45 lunch break. Everyone seems very excited to have the little B’s and Miss E is coping brilliantly. I am missing them terribly. Also Miss FG started school today and Family B and Family C are wondering where the time has gone.

The slightly more reassuring thing is that water/energy companies in France are exactly the same as at home. We had a note telling us they were going to dig up the road to replace the drinking water pipes, access would be limited etc, etc.. What they did not mention was that the water would be turned off!!!!! The good old British stockpiler in me, luckily, bought a dozen bottles of water and filled the coffee machine this morning!! The note also mentioned that as soon as the water pipes were replaced and the road had been put back together that EDF would be digging it up to sort out some cabling.

Nanny and Pappi are staying at the moment and love the house. Pappi is working on his Pembleton in the garage and both girls are very impressed having been driven around the village on Saturday(hopefully I will be able to post a pic of Miss E). Nanny has claimed the rocking chair on the veranda in the sunshine and and is enjoying the sunshine.

I am going to tackle some roses now and will be back later. Hope Rentree goes swimmingly for all the little friends back home.

Love to all.

Big bags of…….

stuff & tears!!!

It started so well for the little B’s(not me, but I am a complete wuss anyway), off they trundled, v. excited. Both with large bags full of all of the bits and pieces one expects school to provide!!
11.45, collection for long lunch, treats, laughter, charge around the garden,  telephone call into the grandfolks and all is tres bon….
However, get to school at 1.30, Miss T packed off through the gate with much effort, proceed to maternelle and Miss E waves me off happy to be in the “boy teachers” class (Joel, the head and Mayor of neighboring village). I wander back past afore mentioned school gate and Miss T is standing there, in tears and comes running over refusing to go back. She can’t recognise anyone, didn’t want to interrupt the teachers, so there we go. We eventually see a queue forming of her classmates and I manage peel her off and persuade her to take a very kind little chaps hand(under duress from the Matrice) and leave.

We will see how she is on collection? We had done a deal that we would do home lunch twice and school lunch twice a week, but I am wondering whether to rethink this.

Anyway, Hello Kitty Kinder type surprises at the ready, Pizza for tea and a favorite DVD should do it.. What to do for the girls, I don’t know.!!!!! We will mainly be having lots of cuddles and sofa time methinks.