Long time no blog…

…that is a good thing as it means I have been busy!!! I have enjoyed the franticness put upon myself in my own “crazy as a box of frogs” way.

  • Two school outings 

“Boby Boy” at the theatre with Miss T and her class and a trip to “Silos”, which is the bibliotheque in Chaumont, with Miss E’s class..

  • House full(10)

A happy houseful of Family Cantillion/Bulley for a five day celebration of Miss T’s birthday. A good trial run for NY too. Lots of cooking and prepping. Was great to be able to cook food for my Nana that was all gluten free, the only exception being the party cake. The funniest thing about the week was my spread sheet magnetised to the fridge door, who’d have thunk it!!

  • Party of 8(6 being petites filles Francais)

This was a roaring success, even if I do say so myself, all parents dropped and left, the girlies made necklaces and decorated boxes and went ape with autocollants (stickers), they are super cher over here and thanks to Mampy were in endless supply due to a last minute dash in sunny Stroud. Eyes were out on stalks…Afternoon tea with polka dots, bunting and cakes stands went down a treat!! I think I could have done away with party bags, as everyone was a little shocked that it was a party hosted by us and we were giving out gifts!!

  • Surprise presentation for 70 enfants in French on English mealtimes and food.

OMG…I have never been so nervous in my whole life. They asked me back for a talk about our differing Christmas traditions.. I didn’t say yes, but for some unknown reason, I didn’t say NO either…Food went down well and each of the children said thank you to me in English and they loved the scones!!

  • Weekend getting battered by rapids and swirly slides at Center Parcs!! Ouch but great fun..

All battered and bruised, but lots and lots of fun. Mr B and I went when we were kids and all the memories came crashing back..quite literally.. against the side of the savge river!!

That is just what has passed in the last flying weeks, things seem to be slowing down for a few days but another visit to Nigloland with the two girls and a friend of Miss T’s is hurtling headlong towards my relative calm.
Tomorrow, vaccines for Little Miss E.. they are currently in my fridge as you have to buy them from the chemist and then take them to a Dr to administer…Just me and the girlies for this one. Fingers crossed she is the angel she was for Mr B last time. Golden arches as a treat afterwards.. Anyone know what Happy meal is in French???
The Little B’s are screeching, so bedtime methinks.. A bientot…
Madame B

Vingt heures et very worried only 80 left..

A long time coming this one…I was waiting to climb out of the blip I was in, mainly brought on by the trip to sunny Shropshire that Mr B is currently on, the impending Poland trip and Miss T’s fete d’anniversaire(note to self, must start to use the tabs Mrs C told me about to enable correct grammer…when in France!).

Well, let us start with the birthday… from the 6 invites we have had 1 yes, 1 No and 4 nothing back at alls.. Unfortunately the 1 Non is from the friend Miss T will miss not being there more than the others.. C’est la vie!! Anyway, we are Hello Kittied up to our eyeballs and Miss T has designed her cake. Having struggled to think of anything she wanted for her birthday she has now listed, camera, mobile phone, laptop and a grown up watch(quick description for you if I may… silver Hello Kitty watch with diamante hello kitty face and diamante sparkles around the edge of the watch face.. a cool 110 euros!!!), lets be honest she will not be getting that! She has also requested a birthday supper of Salmon, broccoli, carrots and courgettes, fine and very lovely.. there will be 10 of us!

My french lessons are developing, but having had 20 hours now it has hit me that in 80 hours time, I am on my own!!! I can tell the time, I can buy tickets, a holiday, describe a room, clothes etc.. etc.. But have no-one to practice on yet…I have tried to to join a group, well I could have joined a group, we went to a photographic exposition on Saturday of the local amateur society that I had intentions of joining…. Well, some good, some average and well some just ODD. This club only see each other twice a year for exhibitions and don’t help new comers learn the ropes or get to grips with lighting, exposure etc. Never mind. However, today I have made playdough for Miss E’s class and was asked to accompany them on a class trip to the library in Chaumont.. 20 minute coach trip with 24 under fours..A real adventure, have not been so excited for ages!!!

On our trip to Paris to collect the cars we were introduced to the world of the Raclette(see photo), it is literally the big cheese of cheese teas! Anyway, we have been gifted a set as a housewarming (Merci M et Mme M ) and will be introducing the beast to our familiy when they come for Miss T’s birthday..I have never seen so much cheese on one table…Only 3 more evening meals to decide on now!!!

We are off on more adventures over the coming weeks, we are Centre Parcs ing, off to Nancy and Langres and I am trying to pick up the courage to head to Dijon for a day trip on my own.

Anyway mes amis, off I must trot to congugate some verbs..

Check out the cheese or regarde la Raclette