Old postcards of Bologne

Cartes Postales Photos Souhaits Sincères 52310 BOLOGNE haute marne (52)
I  have just found these old postcards of Bologne we are the first house behind the church

Cartes Postales Photos L'Eglise 52310 BOLOGNE haute marne (52)Cartes Postales Photos La Mairie et l'Eglise 52310 BOLOGNE haute marne (52)

Lundi, lundi…..

“Monday Monday, can’t trust that day,
Monday Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way
Oh Monday morning, you gave me no warning of what was to be”
……….The chickenpox strike two!!! Yep the oldest little B now has La Varicelle. Club cancelled, eye tests cancelled, fresh air, outside world, sanity… cancelled!!! Shame it is during the holidays, but she will be better for school and we will not miss our trip to Colombey Les Deux Eglises and the Charles de Gaulle memorial next week…History we could both do with finding out a little bit more about..
Well, it was a happy house here on Saturday, Mr B went out for a haircut, came back with a monster TV(then the dishwasher broke!!!!), the rugby was played and won(phew) and the box of tissues we were given by our French friends were left unopened (thank goodness) until next time, so they say!! Also, the second supply of Hama beads turned up just in time..
The little b’s had a sleep over on Thursday evening and all went OK, tired, but OK. On Friday we went to the park in Château Villain which was beautiful, deer are roaming unharmed, a shallow river winds through the park and the old ramparts frame it like a lovely old photograph…. and of course, I forgot my camera. My photo diary is not going to plan!!!
I must go referee my own two little froglettes now, so..
A bientôt et Bisous

Madame B 

Boulangerie with no Pain!!

… well actually it was a pain to not have a Pain!!! Moules for supper, no fresh bread, my determination to try and use the local bakers, not the supermarche did not pay off..One bakery on holiday for the week, the other not open until 16.45h and by 17.30h no Pain..Si straight after French, Miss T is heading to the bakers.

The little B,s are having a sleepover tomorrow evening and I am having a mare believing they will be OK.. They both want to go, Mme C-N speaks English and has their number totally and, and, and…Anyway, my problem. It also means we get a night out, “where are you going, which lovely French gastronomique restaurant has taken your fancy”, I hear you shout!! Well we are going for a Chinese actually!!

I am told it is “Le Crunch” this weekend and for all the telling Miss T we are here in France, it is our home for the foreseeable future, la di la di la, Mr B is now expecting total support pour “le rost boeuf”!! Aaah, the joys of “The 6 Nations”.

Lunchtime here and as Miss T has just been to the bakers tout seul for the first time, I had better do today’s Pain justice.

A bientôt

Madame B


Happy days….

… we have finally made it out of the house after a “c’est le Mecredi”, another strike day, La Varicelle and various other lurgy’s lurking..What a week… and me, fighting fit, so far.

We are currently scanning hundreds of gites in the Ardeche and a little further south for our summer holiday.. So much to choose from and some truly original decor out there “Out there!!” being the operative!

I am also busy trying to plan my veg plot, seeds are very very expensive, so if I can wait for the cars in March I think I will.. I nearly got a quail(alive!!) for Valentines Day, that would have been fab, I got a ring instead, which is also fab… I do miss my chickens, so much waste.

It was only a quick one today, we are off to a 4th birthday party and the grubbiest littlest B needs a makeover….


Madame B