Spring is in the air…..

… and the sun is shining. I may have to get back outside for some photography as the crocus are all out now..
We had planned to have a wander around the village and a meander along the canal, however, Miss T is super spotty and feeling very sorry herself and justified too, poor thing. So Miss E is having an impromptu PJ day and the duvet is downstairs.. Don’t tell anyone but I found the iron and actually plugged it in!!
Mr B is off to Nantes tomorrow and we are looking forward to his return on Thursday as we have another Friday together, the little B’s want to “do lunch!!”. I think we will be heading to Lac du Der for the day, by all accounts there are flocks of cranes there at this time of year…

Link if you are interested, looks great..

I have sorted the vegetable planting for this year and think everything can just go straight into the ground in early May.. need to get digging first.. as you can see from the photo we have lots of very mature trees, this in turn means lots of very large roots..Trying to borrow a bit of kit to help us out, fingers crossed… I will get Pommes de Terres in if it breaks me and it probably will!!!


Madame B