A visit from Voldermort!!!

Long time..No see..
I know that I have been harping on about the great weather we have been having, but with the good comes the bad… See what the lightening storm (the one I was driving in, with both the little B’s and the folks!!) did to the church!! We arrived home to find that our front courtyard was  strewn with slate tile pieces..No idea where they came from. Well now we know!!! That was yesterday..Strangely enough it was the absence of the bells ringing every quarter hour that made me look up to the church.

Today!!! The clock is being fixed and the roof….

well, years of fund-raising events, buckets on pews.. No, it is 14:15h and the roof is very nearly fixed..

Other than that, I have been busy vegetable gardening, sewing and entertaining at 4 rue de l’Eglise..not really much time to think, but still too much..
We are so so proud of the Little B’s who after just 3 terms are all green and ready to go in to the next year at school. Tomorrow is the Kermesse, the end of year show and fund-raiser ( a bit scared that my cake contributions may not be the norm!!). Both girls are performing with their classes in front of all of the parents on a huge stage set up in the playground..I will post some pics..we are allowed!! I am guaranteed a few tears.

We are looking forward to our U.K. trip and are even going to see the St Ives crew for our annual mass ice-lolly & pic “n” mix purchase and beach BBQ.. I miss the sea..
With Picnics, Thai meals, beach BBQ’s, lake district wanders and Cotswold catch ups… I can hardly wait to start packing, normally done the day before.

Anyway… off I trot..


Madame B