Are you sure it is not Monday…?

A photo of my birthday cake..aided by the little B’s on the design was a skyscraper of chocolate, fudge and marshmallows!!

My cake..

The things I resort to!! It is a bit of a trek and all up hill from the garage to the kitchen and the lack of internet food shopping and kindly delivery drivers has required some of the old “good thinking Batman” grey cells to utilise what I can!!! This is also a bell boy tactic when we have visitors…

Shopping Chez Bulley!!

Off to fill the barrow with wood now…3rd trip of the day..


Madame B

Today = write off

The lasting effects of Thursdays Oyster experience are still with me and as such, I am officially writing off today…So much I would like to do as I wander the house nursing terminal lethargy..but nothing so much that I am being persuaded to move very far from the sofa. The snow has stopped falling, the temperature has dropped and the most I am going to manage is to light the fire..
Have a good day everyone..
Madame B

The day after the day before..

I am feeling lots better today, but the coffee test has not been taken yet!! I will document the three courses I managed as soon as I can think about them without my stomach churning!!
I have some jobs/projects on the way and as such I will be compiling a gallery of my France acquired treasure trove…from linen to lace and armchairs to enamel!!
There are also three new Denim makes on the way…
A la semaine prochain…
Madame B

We love Wednesdays

….even when they en-tale forgotten homework, closed shops and yucky rain. This afternoon we are heading of to Foulain where there is an Emmaus community..I love going and even have a list this time..I normally return with French linen, buttons, ribbon, enamel saucepans and glassware (building up my treasures for dream house or dream shop!).. Today, the list is a bit bizarre but includes and old decorative picture frame, an old sewing table/cabinet, an ironing board, something to try out decoupage on and some sheet music..The girls will come back with marbles no doubt..I may loose mine having to go with the girls..
So after the TV lunch treat, we will don our waterproofs and head on out..I have a car full to donate, so space for the new treasures..Well it is my birthday, nearly!
Bon après-midi
Madame B

Cassoulet, Charlottes Web and Crumpets

We had a lovely weekend, made even better by the doors closed, fire lit, foody Sunday. I made the Fabulous Baker Brothers Cassoulet & flapjack and Mr B, home-made crumpets & a Victoria sponge..We also cosy’d up on the sofa and watched Charlotte’s Web..
Mr B listened intently to my longings for internet food shopping(don’t get me wrong, I shop locally for veg/fruit/meat & bread, just all of the boring stuff I hate doing) and the concept of added value for the customer in France being almost non-existent..I got all homesick whilst watching Countryfile and it was made clear, by tone of voice, without any doubt as to the finality of the statement, that pigs were not possible in our U.K. jardin!! Chickens and Quails yes, pigs NO..So the research begins!!


Social butterflies… 8 and 4 the girls certainly have a better social life than me..Saturday afternoon sees Miss E partying and Miss T hanging out at a copines!!

Mr B and I have been for a is horrid and wet and I am really struggling with the breathing..I have no desire to run any particular distance or to time constraints however 20 minutes without gasping for breath and getting stitch is my aim. It is currently walk/jog/walk/run/walk..The best thing about today’s run was that I was not on my own.

I hope everyone is doing things they want to do today and having some fun..I am trying to do at least one thing a day I enjoy, whether that is sewing, reading, Skype chats, Facebook IM’s or just whatever takes my fancy really.

Tomorrow is a totally chilled day, Miss T has one her homework already and we are going to make pancakes for breakfast, cassoulet for lunch and crumpets for tea.. The girls will provide a film choice and we can cosy up on the sofa..

The next few months see manic-ness as always with birthdays, visits to the U.K.,new additions to the Bulley household, visitors to Bologne, more visits to the U.K. (St Ives..can’t wait)..

Well, have a lovely weekend everyone..if you read my blog..could you follow me (please), not that I am going to stop writing, just that I would like to think someone might be reading my drivel..any feedback would be good too..


Madame B


Some lovely tulips and anemones I bought to cheer the house grey outside..