Some pics…an absence of sentences as I had no more words to describe the coldness of the cold!!

…feeling very

I have managed to import all of my old BLOG and create a POLL!! Yippeeee..
Today is a good day my lovelies..
Beaucoup de Bisous…

Toasting my tootsies…

…was supposed to be the order of the evening, I even managed a photo, however Miss E had other ideas and I was literally perched for a minute or two!!

Deciding, an hour after I had put her to bed, that chomping down on a “Glostik” was a good idea was one of the many things that seem to have happened in the past day or two..The list of trials appears only when Mr B is out of the country. Let me list the events from the past 2 days.

  • Garage door frozen so much that Mr B’s car is parked on the road.
  • Washing-up that was left draining over night was frozen to sink and draining area.
  • Pipes under the sink frozen, so when I emptied water from 2 soaking pans (not frozen as they were in kitchen) the yucky scummy water did not drain away. 1 hour later and many kettles of boiled moved.
  • 2 cucumbers, a bunch of carrots, a melon, apples, oranges and a lettuce, frozen beyond edible and binned..wish I had photographed the carrot!! Everything now in fridge not pantry as it is warmer.
  • The coldest department in France at the moment, since 1985!!
  • Curtain pole and curtains in the TV room finally gave in a fell on Miss E.
  • Warning for tyre pressure on Mr B’s car have come on and the recommendation keeps changing
  • Miss E decided she didn’t want a “good bedtime” sticker, did want to eat a “Glostik” and feel exhausted this morning. Oh… and didn’t want jeans, did want jeans, then grey trousers but only if I unpicked the label..Didn’t want plaits, did want plaits and then screamed and cried all the way to school.

I think that is it…things can only get better though, right?

Some fire and ice photos for you..

Bises xxxxx


The haul of fame…..

I have gathered together just a few of my treasures from the last few visits..I am happy to say.. I love them all and my chairs are my best find..The little B’s have their eye on “The Throne”..but it is MINE…

I had better not visit Foulain for a while..not sure Mr B’s patience will stretch much further!



Lemon Curd and Macaroons..doodah doodah

Lemon Curd & Macaroons doodah, doo all day!!!

Literally the entire day spent in the kitchen mastering lemon curd and pretty macaroons..Oh, another batch of marmalade too (Muscavado & Whisky this time). It is freezing out and the thought of venturing into the bitter winds had me shivering, so kitchen it was. I have had a great day..

Update on the loveable armchair.. It is in the garage…we can’t fit it through the internal doors up to the house, so it will have to go out and through the courtyard gates and up the steps!! Might be staying where it is for a while..although I will try my damnedest to get it re-housed a.s.a.p.

Mr B’s plans for the Triumph are afoot and we can only wait and see what comes of next weeks trip to the U.K. Anything could happen.. My main concern is a I will be teaching myself how to create a pole and asking for suggestions..

Ooops, best collect the little B’s from school..


Madame B


off to collect the latest and biggest bargain…

..having held my breath last Wednesday when I told Mr B I had bought another armchair, that happened to be a single bed also(!!!), I then had to mention it was at a friends house, had got there by large van and was unlikely to fit in his car…Mr B has managed to nab the keys for the work van and we will be welcoming the new addition this afternoon..I will edit and add a photo when it arrives..All I can say is if you imagine a huge well loved threadbare teddy from the Antiques Road Show, that in armchair format is what I have!!! It could be going straight back to the warehouse… fingers crossed

Until later..