And so….

….it has begun!! The holiday cancellations or delay’s and the inability (or reluctance if I am being kind) to say “No, sorry rather short notice, we are already away at that time as it is a pubic holiday in France”. Well I am going to enjoy this adventure with the little B’s and do the Alsace tour the Staaag with girlies, sunnies, headscarf and a pout. I have a list for our remaining time in France and that was top of it.
What has also begun is the virtual packing of boxes, wondering where on earth they are going to go when we return. Lots of clearing out to do, but also lots of rummaging at Emmaus..need to keep my options open for projects when we get back. Talking of options & projects, we have decided to house hunt a little and see what is out there. 2 years in a rental property with no scope for tinkering or improving has proved quite hard and whilst the free time has been marvellous, 7 days a week of it for me is not so hot.. We shall see.

The above photo is of Miss E on her birthday, this was the “aim at Grampy” pose. On this occasion I think she did actually manage to hit him as none of us thought she was really aiming…so wrong!!

Anyway..Au revoir for now, stuff to do..


Madame B

A gallery of stars…

Some photographs from the past 2 months, so many I could show you…I am currently playing with 2 new lenses (with not much in the way of success) and hope to have some arty shots for you soon..


has it been a really long time since blogging last? I have been totally “Pinterest”ed and lost my way.. I feel a million subjects coming up with our impending move from the land of baguettes to the floury fluffyness of the land of baps and am wondering if I can in fact change the name to “bapsbootsandbogs”.. What do you think?
We still have not named the “Staaaaaag” but it has been somewhat hospitalised after the delivery drop off, quite literally off the trailer! So a few panel beatings and re-spray, new tools, jacks, steering wheels…..I could go on.. we will be looking A list celeb name with a wallet to match.