Me and the Clotted Cream escapade…


Well, I always seem to start my posts with an apology for the length of time between posts!! Well….Ooops, sorry, ages, I know, won’t do it again, probably will, hey!!

Anyway s, this morning, maintenant, right this minute..3 litres of yummy, creamy, fresh from Orges, unpasteurised milk is sitting in readiness to be transformed into even yummier Clotted Cream. 6 hours of sitting, some time of steaming, 12 hours of chilling and a weeny bit of scooping and we should be there..

I can’t buy it here and having read that a fellow Brit in France made some and following his lead I have taken guidance from and we shall see what happens.

WHY? I hear you ask, well next weekend, we are having an Afternoon Tea for some of Mr B’s work colleagues, friends and neighbours, I am preparing “friandises britanniques” as a thank you and a nod to the celebrations which happen to be taking place in the U.K. ( just like to point out, next time we have to move if there is a next time, no extra bank holidays U.K., no Royal weddings, Jubilee’s or Olympics!!! We have missed them all!!), so the menu so far is;

Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Sandwiches/Cheese and Pineapple/AN other/Scones with Clotted Cream (fingers crossed)/Cupcakes/Trifle/Victoria Sponge and a Raspberry Bakewell..Pimms, a selection of Ales for dégustation, tea and some bubbly.

So there we go, I am ignoring the fact that we are moving in 10 weeks and that there is so very much to do, I will have my tea party and enjoy it!!

A bientôt

Madame B


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