What news…

…all quite good really..
Having been told what seemed like a million times, you will have to wait until w/c 11 June, yesterday saw the arrival of a grammatically incorrect email from the Schools Admissions Office stating that both girls are able to return to the pre “trailing family relocation” and that I needed to contact the school directly from here on in to arrange admissions!!!! Go figure..I see a couple of grand in wages for the council to save right there (sorry, but really).
Next week the removal company will arrive to assess the accumulation of bits and bobs ( slight problem is that I am off to a treasure trove this afternoon and have a sneaking suspicion I may accumulate just a weeny bit more!). On the less , “things I love to do”, front I did empty every drawer of paperwork on Tuesday and filed everything..properly..really, I did.
Had a fantabulous day with the little Misses yesterday, homework, sunglasses shopping, teacher gifts, haircuts and a few hours at Niglolandto topit all off..

So now, I am off to tidy the mess created between 7.30 and 8.30 this morning and head off for a spot of lunch and treasure hunting..

Bisous everyone..