Yawny body, pinball brain!

..don’t you just hate it when your body is telling you to do one thing, but the old grey cells up there in yonder skull are playing pinball with all those things you should have done, said, achieved, NOT done and should have never said! All a bit much for 10.29 on a sleepy Thursday in Shropshire..so instead of restlessly beating myself up, I’m ticking one of my should’ve dones off my list and getting the Blog out..
I have had a fab catch up with SC senior this evening, time just whizzes by, and a fab mini chat with SC junior earlier today which consisted of pob face pulling, sticking out of tongues and shouting ‘Nooooo’ when I suggested he might help Mampy clear up the play dough..Missed the two FC’s but looking forward to a catch up very soon and by the by, Si you need a medal for rescuing your lovely waif from the camouflaged spider..that’ll teach you to buy a chocolate spider coloured sofa.
It has been a busy catch up day really..the strangest part, other than live spider action and pob face pulling, has been my lovely husband dropping into the sentence ‘oh, there is a chipmunk playing in the grass over there and a red squirrel, I think there are Bison somewhere too’.. No he is not at Disney again, but somewhere else..not quite sure, but I am assuming it is a real place!
So is my head a little less b’doingy? Nope.. But there are a few more points for me on the score board..oh and Miss E is wearing fingerless gloves in bed…she is ace and she is my girl..

A bientot

Bisous from Madame B

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