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Step inside…

“It was a full moon and, shining on all the snow, it made everything almost as bright as day — only the shadows were rather confusing”..

Lots to do, but do I will..I seem to have been putting things off, shelving wants, would likes and will do’s..in this market I could continue on this route for months or even years… One thing is for certain the big 40 is happening whatever else is put off..so here goes..

On a less random note, my baby girl is 9 on Sunday and she is as wonderful as ever and growing more wonderful every day.. She is a very thoughtful soul and I can see the cogs turning and questions developing.. Here is to learning together…

Tatty bye..

Madame B



Yawny body, pinball brain!

..don’t you just hate it when your body is telling you to do one thing, but the old grey cells up there in yonder skull are playing pinball with all those things you should have done, said, achieved, NOT done and should have never said! All a bit much for 10.29 on a sleepy Thursday in Shropshire..so instead of restlessly beating myself up, I’m ticking one of my should’ve dones off my list and getting the Blog out..
I have had a fab catch up with SC senior this evening, time just whizzes by, and a fab mini chat with SC junior earlier today which consisted of pob face pulling, sticking out of tongues and shouting ‘Nooooo’ when I suggested he might help Mampy clear up the play dough..Missed the two FC’s but looking forward to a catch up very soon and by the by, Si you need a medal for rescuing your lovely waif from the camouflaged spider..that’ll teach you to buy a chocolate spider coloured sofa.
It has been a busy catch up day really..the strangest part, other than live spider action and pob face pulling, has been my lovely husband dropping into the sentence ‘oh, there is a chipmunk playing in the grass over there and a red squirrel, I think there are Bison somewhere too’.. No he is not at Disney again, but somewhere else..not quite sure, but I am assuming it is a real place!
So is my head a little less b’doingy? Nope.. But there are a few more points for me on the score board..oh and Miss E is wearing fingerless gloves in bed…she is ace and she is my girl..

A bientot

Bisous from Madame B

What news…

…all quite good really..
Having been told what seemed like a million times, you will have to wait until w/c 11 June, yesterday saw the arrival of a grammatically incorrect email from the Schools Admissions Office stating that both girls are able to return to the pre “trailing family relocation” and that I needed to contact the school directly from here on in to arrange admissions!!!! Go figure..I see a couple of grand in wages for the council to save right there (sorry, but really).
Next week the removal company will arrive to assess the accumulation of bits and bobs ( slight problem is that I am off to a treasure trove this afternoon and have a sneaking suspicion I may accumulate just a weeny bit more!). On the less , “things I love to do”, front I did empty every drawer of paperwork on Tuesday and filed everything..properly..really, I did.
Had a fantabulous day with the little Misses yesterday, homework, sunglasses shopping, teacher gifts, haircuts and a few hours at Niglolandto topit all off..

So now, I am off to tidy the mess created between 7.30 and 8.30 this morning and head off for a spot of lunch and treasure hunting..

Bisous everyone..

Me and the Clotted Cream escapade…


Well, I always seem to start my posts with an apology for the length of time between posts!! Well….Ooops, sorry, ages, I know, won’t do it again, probably will, hey!!

Anyway s, this morning, maintenant, right this minute..3 litres of yummy, creamy, fresh from Orges, unpasteurised milk is sitting in readiness to be transformed into even yummier Clotted Cream. 6 hours of sitting, some time of steaming, 12 hours of chilling and a weeny bit of scooping and we should be there..

I can’t buy it here and having read that a fellow Brit in France made some and following his lead I have taken guidance from http://www.joyofbaking.com and we shall see what happens.

WHY? I hear you ask, well next weekend, we are having an Afternoon Tea for some of Mr B’s work colleagues, friends and neighbours, I am preparing “friandises britanniques” as a thank you and a nod to the celebrations which happen to be taking place in the U.K. ( just like to point out, next time we have to move if there is a next time, no extra bank holidays U.K., no Royal weddings, Jubilee’s or Olympics!!! We have missed them all!!), so the menu so far is;

Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Sandwiches/Cheese and Pineapple/AN other/Scones with Clotted Cream (fingers crossed)/Cupcakes/Trifle/Victoria Sponge and a Raspberry Bakewell..Pimms, a selection of Ales for dégustation, tea and some bubbly.

So there we go, I am ignoring the fact that we are moving in 10 weeks and that there is so very much to do, I will have my tea party and enjoy it!!

A bientôt

Madame B


And so….

….it has begun!! The holiday cancellations or delay’s and the inability (or reluctance if I am being kind) to say “No, sorry rather short notice, we are already away at that time as it is a pubic holiday in France”. Well I am going to enjoy this adventure with the little B’s and do the Alsace tour anyway..in the Staaag with girlies, sunnies, headscarf and a pout. I have a list for our remaining time in France and that was top of it.
What has also begun is the virtual packing of boxes, wondering where on earth they are going to go when we return. Lots of clearing out to do, but also lots of rummaging at Emmaus..need to keep my options open for projects when we get back. Talking of options & projects, we have decided to house hunt a little and see what is out there. 2 years in a rental property with no scope for tinkering or improving has proved quite hard and whilst the free time has been marvellous, 7 days a week of it for me is not so hot.. We shall see.

The above photo is of Miss E on her birthday, this was the “aim at Grampy” pose. On this occasion I think she did actually manage to hit him as none of us thought she was really aiming…so wrong!!

Anyway..Au revoir for now, stuff to do..


Madame B

A gallery of stars…

Some photographs from the past 2 months, so many I could show you…I am currently playing with 2 new lenses (with not much in the way of success) and hope to have some arty shots for you soon..


has it been a really long time since blogging last? I have been totally “Pinterest”ed and lost my way.. I feel a million subjects coming up with our impending move from the land of baguettes to the floury fluffyness of the land of baps and am wondering if I can in fact change the name to “bapsbootsandbogs”.. What do you think?
We still have not named the “Staaaaaag” but it has been somewhat hospitalised after the delivery drop off, quite literally off the trailer! So a few panel beatings and re-spray, new tools, jacks, steering wheels…..I could go on.. we will be looking A list celeb name with a wallet to match.