25th Jan…off to the Emmaus warehouse for a rummage!

Emmaus (Greek: Ἐμμαούς, Latin: Emmaus, Hebrew: חמת‎ Hammat, meaning “warm spring”, Arabic: عِمواس‎ Imwas) was an ancient town located approximately 7 miles (11 km) northwest of present day Jerusalem. The New Testament reports that Jesus appeared before two of his followers in Emmaus after his resurrection.[1]

Emmaus communities, now numbering 117 in France, are the central project of the Emmaus movement.Communities are places of welcome, to live, to work and sind solidarity they run only through the charity Emmaus companions, people are welcome “unconditionally” for an indefinite period. These communities receive individual donations (furniture, clothing, ornaments, bicycles, etc..),  repair them if necessary and sell them at a low price. Communities are now home to nearly 3880 people. These core members are called “Companions of Emmaus.” They are self-sufficient and receive no operating subsidy.

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