Valentines Day….Edit 14th Feb

Having decided to make some cupcakes as a surprise “pud” for Mr B et the Little B’s, I thought I would photograph them.. I had fun, but a little bit hit and miss when I decided to shove a marshmallow in the centre of each cupcake before cooking, I wouldn’t say it was a huge success..however there is a yummy chewy topping under the fresh raspberry frosting..I would like to thank for the printable valentines flags, also some of the other projects for my “denim challenge” have been inspired by crafts from there and at “living on the crafty side of life”, where I got the paper heart pockets from and placed a tiny message to Mr B and the little B’s…Below is the gallery and January’s premature post on Valentines.

Did you know that this is all because birds are said to start mating in the second week in February and it seemed like as good a time as any to start declaring love and handing out stuffed bears!!

Valentine’s Day Cards are supposed have originated in France. A young Frenchman, Charles, Duke of Orleans is said to have written the first written Valentine’s Day Cards. The Duke who was captured at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415 is said to have written a poem or ‘Valentine’ to his wife while imprisonment in the Tower of London.

Some customs…The first one I think we should re-introduce, what do you think..?
People in France once followed a peculiar Valentine’s Day custom called “drawing for”. Unmarried young and old people would go into houses facing each other and begin calling out across from one window to another and pair off with their chosen partner. If the young man failed to be particularly enthralled with his valentine, he would desert her. A bonfire would be lit later where ladies would burn images of their ungrateful lovers and hurl abuse at them..fantastic. The ritual was eventually abandoned as it left much room for nastiness and ridicule. French government handed-down a decree and officially banned the custom.
Also a custom in France was to exchange elegant cards containing tender messages called cartes d’amities. Not sure what happened to “elegant cards”..hard pushed to find a nice one in most of the shops..

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